Our Vision

We aspire to be a global solution for Retail businesses, we aim to expand in the Egypt, Gulf Cooperation Council “GCC”

Our mission

We Serve small, micro and medium-sized companies In retail stores, distribution points for factories and companies, and E-commerce companies to grow their business and give them accurate accounting reports on stores, cash in and out, GL, customers, suppliers, Payments, Profit and salesmen, which helps them to take the right measures.

Through 3 packages with monthly or annual subscriptions, “Pay as you go “with low cost, they can choose between them according to business activity.

Help and serve to manage more than one branch and collect their data “Be Creative “can also add e-commerce store sales as a point of sale and sync all data with the creative integrated feature.

With the cloud, you can access the system any time, anywhere, cashier and accountants and cofounder and Payroll departments can do daily work easily.

Brief for “Be creative Retail accounting solution.”
Accounting SaaS with Smooth UX, easy interface and Helpful Reports.
Based on 10 years of experience in the field from old generation “desktop app “, we own our knowhow
Develop and improve contact with customers in different cultures in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE it’s our daily homework.

Our Customer Feedback is very important to us we made this for them, by the way.

Updates monthly from Strategic plan to improve our platform to match our client's needs and give him the perfect tech to make business better
“Be Creative “Matched with “ E-invoice “ in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
We provide business owners with a suitable solution that enhances their sense of security and Fear of financial corruption, manipulation and dependence on people only,
Which helps to manage and grow businesses easily.

Integrated with some payment methods and a payment link can be sent to the customer by message or a detailed account statement to the e-mail

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